Resolving Your Family's Issues

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Help is at hand...

"No right way, no wrong way... only subjective difference. And when we explore and elevate our subjectivity, we raise so much more than our parenting abilities and standards" ~ Lisa White

Parenting does not come with a manual or guide book and most parents experience difficulties at some point, many of whom muddle through as best they can. But what do you do when your best isn't working? How do you avoid making the problem even worse? Lisa is experienced in helping families resolve and overcome issues such as: 

  • Poor attitude and behaviour (not to mention the kids')
  • Self harming
  • Parents who live in the shadow of their past
  • Overcoming sexual abuse
  • Mis-communication
  • Parents who at the end of their tether
  • Problematic ex partners
  • Bullying
  • Family conflicts
  • Anxiety issues
  • Confidence
  • Nightmares
  • Anger and lack of patience

Sometimes, a neutral influence is required. Someone who can see your situation from a clean perspective and is not emotionally entangled in your family's situation. Someone with whom you feel you can relate, trust and be completely honest with. Lisa is available to offer tips, techniques, feedback and coaching to those who are experiencing parenting related difficulties. It may be that you think your issue is 'less serious' than the ones listed above and you feel embarrassed asking for help over something silly. Ask anyway...

Please Note: Lisa's approach is 'out of the box' and very much tailored to the individuals with whom she is working. You will be fully supported, stretched, held accountable and sometimes challenged... but always in a loving and developmental way. Lisa recognises your potential, even (and especially) in those moments when you lose sight of your true self and behave in ways that are less desirable. Lisa is at her best when you are at your worst. She lacks judgement and has been described as 'Mary Poppins for Parents'. She has an uncanny understanding of the unconscious mind and communicates, in a most extraordinary way, with your non verbal language: that which you are probably not yet consciously aware of in yourself. Lisa also has a brilliant, timely sense of humour. For more information, visit her testimonial page (top right)