Getting Personal

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Ok, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable! I was born in London to a misfit Mother and a wonderful Father, who separated shortly after my birth. Between them, I had the best of both Worlds: The upbringing I received from my Mother sharpened my survival instincts, made me streetwise and taught me how to rely on my wits. I saw things that a child should not have to see and learned early on that life had a dark side. She gradually progressed through various stages of decline until finally giving in to the bitter sweet call of alcoholism. In contrast, time spent with my Father can only be described as idyllic and often seemed to be over too soon. He demonstrated such kind and gentle love and made me feel as though the World could just about disappear around us. He gave me strong moral values and taught me about compassion, forgiveness and respect, for myself as well as others. He also instilled in me a solid work ethic. One of the most powerful traits I received from my Dad is a dry sense of humour.


Another huge influence in my life was my Dad's Mother. My beautiful Nan and very best friend in the whole World. She lived through the Blitz and believe me, I learned a lot from her! We were extremely close and the example she set was profound.. it is intrinsic to the essence of who I am today and the roots from which all my practical parenting skills stem. Her loss, in 2006, was devastating and the ramifications continue to be felt. With a twist of irony, it was my Nan's influence that helped me through the initial grieving process; I truly felt as though I ought to cease functioning because she deserved that level of impact and yet, I could 'hear' her telling me about all the people she had loved and lost and where exactly would I be if she had crumbled that easily? Suffice to say, she continues to keep my feet firmly on the ground.


I was married in 1997 and had my daughter in 1998... followed by my son, in 1999. Respect for my children's feelings and wellbeing prevents me from revealing details of my marriage so you will have to content yourselves knowing only that bringing it to an end, as soon as possible, was a wise move. I learned many lessons and eventually decided to identify a positive spin to place upon my experiences and by adopting a genuine positive mindset, as opposed to a negative one, I discovered that my life choices increased dramatically. One important decision I made following my divorce was to find a way of healing a back injury that I had sustained, without medical/chemical intervention. I am still travelling along this particular path and, thanks to the phenomenal power of NLP, I can report that the healing process has been accellerated beyond that which I previously thought possible.


My two children and I are happy. I believe that all the hard work I invested in their early years has paid off, even though it didn't always seem that way; especially after being dragged out of bed for the umpteenth time, only to be greeted with vomit... then there were the times that I truly believed they'd grown horns and were having an absolute laugh at my expense by deliberately pushing me to the very brink of insanity and demanding that I tolerate more than anyone else had, in the history of existence, ever! So, we laugh a lot, squabble a fair amount and get annoyed with eachother on a regular basis. Our home is a safe place in which to express our different emotions and to explore our complex and ever evolving personalities. I have learned more about myself from my children than from anybody else and they continue to keep me on my toes on a daily basis. The exclamation that takes my breath away every time I hear it is when one of them says, "I love being me". It is the single most valuable gift anyone can possess; to love themselves.



Writing the above proved more difficult than I originally anticipated. Choosing to reveal my personal details to you took me on an emotional rollercoaster, as I usually prefer to keep such things private. I also found it wonderfully liberating. How can I expect you to place your trust in me if I am not prepared to open up to you? It was extremely taxing for another reason too; trying to condense my life into a few short paragraphs almost drove me mad! I, like you, have encountered a variety of people throughout my life and I learned something from all of them.. I haven't told you about my sister(s) or my lovely step-Mum, who is from Trinidad and as crazy as a box of frogs! Nor have I mentioned the time I spent in the Maldives by myself and the sense of perspective I gained from that experience. I have not yet told you about the life changing moment that occurred as I sat in a Philosophy lesson, during which Jean. P. Satre's theory of "Existentialism" was presented to me by Mr. Rubin, my unforgettable tutor.. the moment at which I realised Life really is what you make it.


My personal philosophy: Life is too serious to not laugh, and to laugh does not mean I do not take life seriously..

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