Mindful Parenting Essential Awareness Programmes

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"It's easy to make a mistake in language if you aren't careful. What if you meant to say, 'What's troubling you?' and what you actually said was, 'What's wrong with you?'" - Jim Rohn


Why attend a Mindful Parenting programme?

What do you do when your best isn't working? "I recently had a conversation with a 12 year old boy during which we discovered what it is that he would most love, "To find out what I'm actually good at... then to learn how to become excellent at it". He went on to explain that he is all too aware what he is, "...Rubbish at because school makes it perfectly clear..." We also realised that he is less concerned about 'what' he wants to be when he grows up and is more interested in 'who' he wants to be... how he can take steps now to achieve this... and how to enjoy finding out more about himself along the way. I understood then, how much greater the impact will be if ALL parents receive training in how to parent mindfully. And it is of this very sentiment that I decided to create the Mindful Parenting programmes... and one which underpins my passion and desire to share, with as many parents as I can" - Lisa White


Who are Lisa's programmes for?

  • Parents
  • Step & adoptive parents
  • Foster carers

Will also benefit:

  • Mentors
  • Teachers
  • Anyone who works or interacts regularly with children or young people


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 Here is an overview of some of the content explored within the programmes:

  • Your World My World... Essential for understanding and respecting difference
  • The Drama Triangle... And how to avoid it, in a parenting context
  • It's All About Rapport... Connecting at a deep (unconscious) level to build trust
  • Three Degrees... Great for resolving internal conflicts and improving difficult external relationships
  • Key to Behavioural Change... Simple guide to understand what drives undesireable behaviour
  • Mindful Parenting... Thinking strategies that generate desired behaviour in you and your child
  • In The Driver's Seat... Controlling emotions rather then being controlled by them
  • Using Language Effectively... Dramatically improve communication between you and your child
  • The Power of Metaphors... Uncovering hidden gems of emotion
  • Dare To Dream... Teach your children how to aim high while keeping their feet on the ground
  • The Blame Game... Owning behaviour. Once fully embraced, this concept will change your life
  • Who am I?.. Encouraging your child's sense of identity, uniqueness and purpose 
  • Winning Strategies... Practical techniques to encourage and maintain desirable behaviour


There are currently two levels of training and group numbers are deliberately kept small. Every group is different and each brings a new set of dynamics to the fray, keeping the experience new and fresh. Deep personal connections can be made and friendships form as a result

For dates, prices and to book your place click here


"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" - Anais Nin