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"Do not prepare the path for the child... prepare the child for the path" - Battle


'Relaxation Classes for Parents' with Lisa White

Although being a mother or father is, on the whole, a highly rewarding experience, parenting can sometimes prove stressful, our energy levels can leave us feeling drained and our emotions can become strained. Outside influences and worries can exasperate our sense of well-being, which dramatically affects our quality of life... and our ability to parent effectively

And it is with this in mind that I have decided to run a series of relaxation classes for parents. A place to come and unwind... to de-stress... and to completely relax. An opportunity to leave the daily stresses at the door... take some time to slow things right down... and become centred once more... to recharge our batteries... and allow perspective (and sanity!) to re-enter our lives


Feel as though this is just what you need..?


Date: Once a week for ten weeks

Location: Hampshire

Amount: £10 per class

To register your interest email: lisawhitetheparentcoach@gmail.com


'Mindful Parenting Masterclass' With Lisa White

"At no point in the day has anyone's parenting skills been on trial... it's been full of really, incredibly useful stuff that I can not wait to put into practice" - Suzy Miller

An interactive Masterclass designed to demonstrate how 'Mindful Parenting' is the difference that may make the difference to you and your family. A day packed with training and practical tips that will transform how you relate to and communicate with your children. You will be encouraged to think outside the box...

Topics include:

  • Your world my world - And which one is real?
  • Three degrees - Overcoming conflict and persoanality differences
  • Introduction to non verbal language


Date: Various

Location: London, Hampshire, Surrey

Amount: £95

Email: lisawhitetheparentcoach@gmail.com



'How to Avoid the Drama Triangle... in a Parenting Context' Exclusively With Lisa White

"On 'How to Avoid the Drama Triangle' - Practical, engaging and thought provoking. Very enjoyable and very implementable" - Mike Hudson

The Drama Triangle is a pattern of behaviour that we all fall into at some time or another and, as parents, we tend to do so more often than not. Whether we and our children prefer the role of Victim, Persecuter or Rescuer, we inevitably go around and around, swapping these roles with each other in an oblivious yet merry dance of blame, expectations and disappointment... all the way to nowhere. Lisa has created a new model of behaviour that is designed to show you how to avoid the Drama Triangle forever  and will guide you through a process that encourages you to go deep within yourself and uncover learnings about your thinking and behaviour, things that maybe you are currently unaware of but that continuously draw you into unhelpful or undesirable interactions with your children and others. The day includes an in depth understanding of what (unconsciously) motivates behaviour and how to create both conscious and unconscious change


  • Awareness of self and others
  • Mindfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Rapport with oneself
  • Establishing desired outcome


Date: Various

Location: London / Hampshire / Surrey

Amount: £395

Email: lisawhitetheparentcoach@gmail.com



'Mindful Dreaming' With Martin Wyse

"Learning how to utilise my sleep has been fundamental to the healing of my own back injury. The insights have also dramatically elevated my ability to help my children to understand their own unconscious minds" - Lisa White

Foreword: Any book or individual that claims to be able to tell you what your dreams mean is (I'm sorry to inform you) at best, delusion and lies. Meaningful / purposeful dreams are experienced as metaphors and are entirely unique to the individual who is creating them. Understanding our own metaphors can be all but impossible without some level of insight into how the unconsious mind works, and so for one person to claim that they can interperate the unconsious metaphor of another... is an oxymoron!

Dreams are either meaningless data that the unconscious mind is recalling / replaying before deleting (as serves no purpose) or messages that our unconscious mind wants us to become consciously aware of, for whatever reason. The latter are delivered to us in the form of metaphors and / or (context specific) symbols. Understanding how to interpret our own dreams is HUGELY powerful and vital if we are to remain in rapport and harmony with ourselves

Mindful Dreaming is a one day programme that explores how we dream, why we dream and how to understand our own dreams. As well: how to utilise our sleep time and dreams to heal (physically and emotionally) improve creativity, make decisions, overcome fears and so much more...


Date: Various

Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm: 1 Day

Location: London

Amount: £95  (£10 deposit will secure your place)

Email: lisawhitetheparentcoach@gmail.com



'Stepping Up... Embracing Your Step Family' With Lisa White and Heather Bond


Are you just about to get married and are facing taking on a whole family not just a partner?

Are you entering a relationship and like so many of a certain age it's a package deal and it scares the life out of you?

Are you already the new family member and are feeling like the outsider, finding it hard work 'fitting in' with the kids and existing family structure?

Are you living in the shadow of a concerned 'ex'?

Do you have two families coming together as one?

In this one day workshop we present an opportunity for you to explore, discover and upskill with the life perspectives and communication skills to create amazing family relationships, work through challenging scenarios and have fun while you learn probably some of the most important lessons of your life. We will challenge you, support you, Inspire and empower you in a safe, friendly and fun environment where the focus is on learning, sharing and discovery



Time: 1 Day

Location: London

Amount: £75

Email: lisawhitetheparentcoach@gmail.com